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Our Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions below contains in-depth answers to technical and HVAC related questions. This is probably one of the best ways to help future customers and even current customers with some of their most Frequently Asked Questions with snippets of answers before sending us an email or a telephone call. It also helps us here at the office and reduces the number of communication-related questions we hear of, every day. If your not finding an answer to your questions here, don’t hesitate to submit your question through our contact form or review our contact methods for the best option that suits you. We update this section frequently, so don’t hesitate to check back at a later time.

What Are Your Business Hours?

Our business hours are as follows:

Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Sat: Closed.

We are available 24/7 for emergency calls.


What Are Your Methods of Payment?

Methods of payment can be discussed by email or telephone.


Do you Offer 24/7 Emergency Service?

Yes. We are pleased to offer 24/7 service for HVAC related matters. Please click on Emergency Text to dispatch a text message to our service team, fill in out Quick Form field to your left or choose from other convenient contact methods.


How Often do Air Filters Need to be Changed?

It varies depending on HVAC system and filter you have. If you using cheaper disposable filters, we suggest changing them every thirty days. If you have pleated, or poly filters, we suggest changing them at least every ninety days. Media Filters of Clean Effect filters can last a little longer and should be replaced about once a year.


Do Larger A/C Units Perform Better?

This is not quite the case. It is however important to purchase and install an air conditioner unit that is the right size for your home or office. If you buy an oversized unit, it will cool your property faster, but will also be less efficient and will not eliminate humidity well enough. It will also have sort-run cycles. While it may cool air quickly, it will shut down before it blows sufficient air across the indoor coil to drain water from you system, leaving too much moisture in the air which can lead to mold and mildew in your home.

Also, frequent starting and stopping of your HVAC systems may cause it to use more energy and wear down faster. Longer run cycles are much more efficient.


My Air Conditioner Won't Power Up?

When your air conditioner won’t power up, it may be resolved with some simple troubleshooting. Power sources are commonly the culprit, so check them all. Also, switches on the condenser and air handler, thermostat batteries, and circuit breakers. Next, ensure your thermostat is set correctly – it should be set to cool mode, and the temperature a few degrees lower than the current room temperature. If this all fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to McConnell Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for immediate assistance.


How Long Will my New HVAC System Last?

A descent HVAC system will last anywhere from ten to fifteen years. However, your system will become less efficient and perform poorly with age. As a result, we suggest replacing your equipment after ten years. You may not be having any issues with your current hardware, but current HVAC systems will save you on your energy bills and usually ship with a ten year warranty.


Do I Need a System With Matched Components?

You will benefit from a matched system which will help ensure performance, comfort and efficiency.

A properly matched and installed system will maintain the right cycle times and help manage humidity properly for your home or business. In addition, a matched system will prevent you from paying too much for your energy bills. You system will run at peak efficiency, with no wasted energy due to improper size.


What is HVAC?

HVAC is simply a term or acronym for the combined services, which include Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Typically through, HVAC can also encompass various services such as indoor air quality, climate control, duct work, heating systems, smart home automation, indoor pool heater, garage heats and so on.


How do I Lower my Energy Bills?

It depends greatly on your home or office space. In many cases, adding insulation will help, in other cases, replacing your HVAC system or other appliances will help. Replacing windows can also help reduce energy costs. Take your entire home into account to help better understand what may make sense for you.


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