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HVAC Replacements and Retrofits

Commercial and residential heating are critical to your home, facility and business operations. If your property has an older HVAC system that has become less reliable, effective or is increasing your energy expenses, and if repairs are become more frequent, it may be much more economical and feasible for a complete replacement of your HVAC systems. Depending on a number of circumstances, retrofitting your existing HVAC system to help extend its life and greatly reduce energy consumption may be an economical alternative to a complete replacement. A retrofit involves installing new or modified parts that allow a commercial heating or air conditioning system to continue functioning without a complete replacement. HVAC service and repairs may also require that some components be replaced.

Whether you are adding capacity to meet your facilities needs, replace an existing system, or exploring solutions to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, enhance the comfort of your building occupants, planning has always been key to a successful retrofit. Allow McConnell Air Conditioning and Refrigeration be the guide to help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your commercial HVAC experience. Our experienced technicians will fully evaluate your system and perform a life expectancy analysis that takes all key variables into consideration (age, safety, noise, comfort, energy, etc). Then, we will complete a full structural analysis and develop an installation plan that includes rigging, roofing, electrical, and gas fitting, and avoids service and workflow disruption. For emergency equipment replacement, we provide 24-hour turnaround.

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